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BlindsMade To Measure BlindsOctober 9th 2023by The Absolute Blinds TeamMade To Measure Blinds – The Benefits

Many people who are getting blinds for the first time struggle to get the setup correct and this can result in a poor fit, running into scenarios where the blind pole or rail is too wide, the adjustment string or wand is in the wrong place or the height of the blind itself falls too short to fill the space it was designed for. While there are many pre-made solutions that can be bought off the shelf, windows and view spaces come in many different sizes and dimensions making it difficult to have a one size fits all model. If the receipt has been misplaced or destroyed, there can also be extra problems trying to get a return. Luckily there is a solution to get around these issues – made to measure blinds.

Vertical made to measure blinds inside a living room.

What Are The Benefits Of Made To Measure Blinds?

There are many different reasons to choose made to measure blinds over pre-made and off the shelf options. The obvious reason for choosing a made to measure option is the ability to control the height and depth at which the blinds protrude. Whether you have one or two small window spaces or a large bay that needs multiple rails, you can ensure the height of each set of blinds remains consistent, eliminating irregularities.

Another benefit is that just like their off the shelf counterparts there are a plethora of types and options to be able to choose form. From vertical blinds to roller and venetian blinds, these can come in a variety of finishes, either fabric, wooden, metal and sometimes special paper. Each style of blind brings its own contemporary finish to a room and can be a feature of that space. The blinds can also have a specific colour and can be plain or have an embossed pattern to enhance aesthetics and appeal. There are also blackout options available to reduce the amount of light coming through and also to minimise shadows caused by internal lighting.

Made To Measure Vertical Blinds

These types of blinds are made from a number of louvers that can be adjusted to control the direction and amount of light entering the room. They are easy to install, operate and take care of and can come in a number of styles, patterns and colours. The blind rail can either be operated by a manual string or wand or by remote through a motor that is built into the rail and operates off infrared signals.

Made To Measure Roman Blinds

Roman blinds provide a soft, elegant and clean look when raised or lowered. They can make even the smallest and cosiest of rooms look larger and can introduce a tidy yet sophisticated look to a window area. As these blinds fold over themselves the drop height is unique and sometimes can be longer than usual to accommodate for the folding.

Made To Measure Horizontal Blinds

Also known as venetian blinds, these consist of horizontal slats that can be tilted to control light entering horizontally. These types of blinds are perfect for large long windows, conservatory spaces and sliding doors. The materials that these can be made from include wood and lightweight metals such as aluminium. Great care must be taken when raising and lowering these blinds as they can crease, bend or snap easily if managed incorrectly and the entire stack would need to be replaced.

Made To Measure Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds can offer a unique way of controlling light into a room and are incredibly versatile. They can either go the full height of the window space or alternatively accommodate a portion of the window space and can be lowered and raised manually by hand or automatically with the help of a motor. Light can filter through either from the top or the bottom. Furthermore these types of blinds can accommodate the full width of the window space, eliminating gaps that can be present with other types of blinds.

They Are Energy Efficient

Having properly measured blinds can also contribute to an energy efficient environment, with some blinds containing a special thermal layer that can trap in heat and prevent it from escaping. This can lower energy bills in turn because there is no need to completely rely on internal heating to get the room warm. Whether it is winter or summer you can enjoy a controlled environment where the temperature is consistent all year around.

They Can Be Controlled Manually Or Automatically

Modern blind fittings come with child and pet friendly controls that follow the proper safety guidelines, preventing accidents and hazards from occurring. Having these attached to the walls also prevents accidental damage to the blinds themselves if the string is pulled on. Certain made to measure blinds can also have a fire-proof layer built into the material that can reduce the chances of them catching fire around intense heat.


When you invest in made to measure blinds, you will be benefitting from expert installation. The installers will have your measurements and will not need to carry out any additional measurements around the space that the blinds are getting installed. There is also the option to install these yourself, however it is more beneficial to let an expert install the brackets at the correct points to ensure the blinds are properly affixed. If you are looking for quality made to measure blinds, then please call our team today on 0151 521 1777 and we can help with your requirements and get your project underway. Alternatively you can fill in your details on our contact form and we can get back in touch with you as soon as possible.


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