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BlindsBlinds Maintenance And CareMade To Measure BlindsProfessional Fitting ServicesJanuary 9th 2024by The Absolute Blinds TeamBlinds Thickness – Styling For Light And Privacy Control

Blinds come in many different shapes, sizes and styles and can accommodate a variety of window coverings. There are also different blind thicknesses. The materials that are used are usually measured in layers to describe the thickness of the blind slats or fabric to control heat, lighting and privacy. The number of layers used tends to refer to the “ply” of material. With vertical blinds for example there is a weighted card at the bottom of each slat. In this blog post we will explore different blind thicknesses and see what windows they are suitable for.

A living room with two low profile windows and 25mm vertical blinds.

Different blinds thicknesses have varying effects on a room space.

1-inch Slats (25mm) Blinds

This level of blinds thickness has a sleek and modern appearance thanks to them being super thin in profile. The fabric is delicate and if mishandled can be damaged or torn but this level of thickness is ideal for very small window profiles that require a delicate look.

2-inch Slats (50mm) Blinds

This is one of the more popular choices of blinds thickness. It is classic and versatile, working well for a variety of window shapes and sizes. It is commonly used in both residential and commercial spaces.

2.5-inch (64mm) Blinds

Slightly bolder and a bit more stylish, these slats provide a more contemporary look and are well suited for larger window spaces to create a more dramatic standout effect against the rest of the living space. Extra fixings might be required to support long width measurements. Large bay windows are a good example of where blinds thickness of this type might be used.

3-inch (76mm) Blinds

Blinds with 3-inch slats are a little bit less common in commercial spaces, with businesses opting more for horizontal blinds that have metal material. However for larger domestic property and space they are often used to make a bold statement, especially across two or more spaces that are connected by an open floor plan without doors or feature walls. Their unique appearance can enhance the aesthetics of a room.

Material Matters

It’s not just vertical blinds thickness that is considered. There are many different styles of blinds, such as roller, roman and venetian or horizontal blinds. Horizontal blinds for example use either wood or faux wood and sometimes a light brushed metal material. Real wood for example might be naturally thicker in appearance but will be more costly and is not resistant to moisture. Faux wood however can come in different thicknesses and is resistant to water moisture.

Blinds Thickness Controls Light And Privacy

Blinds that have thinner slats allow for a lot more light to filter through when open, providing a brighter environment. In contrast the blinds that have thicker material or have a blackout film will either allow very little light through or block it out completely. Thicker ply or material is best used where less outside views is more desirable and privacy is highly valued. Most of the time however it is a compromise between light and privacy and some prefer the inside of their spaces to be teased to enhance interior appearance.


Ultimately, having a choice of ply thickness depends on personal preference, the style of the room, the size and shape of the windows, and the desired level of light control and privacy. Thicker slats often contribute to a more substantial and prominent visual presence and can provide a lot of privacy, while thinner slats create a more understated and delicate appearance yet can brighten even the darkest corners of rooms. Thinking of getting your next set of blinds? At absolute blinds our experienced blinds fitting team can help you not only measure your dream blinds but can also help decide the level of thickness needed for your project.

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